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Trololo  - Street Art By Zoltron

Trololo – Street Art By Zoltron

Really dig Zoltron via.

Jimi Hendrix - Street Art by Zoltron

Jimi Hendrix – Street Art by Zoltron

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix via.


Spotted in the Mission District – Street Art by Zoltron

Ronald Mc Donald - A life of regret: Street Art by Zoltron

Ronald Mc Donald – A life of regret: Street Art by Zoltron

Ronald Mc Donald in a moment of existential crisis.      

Zoltron in Downtown Los Angeles

Street Art by Zoltron in Downtown Los Angeles

Zoltron Goes Big in Downtown Los Angeles. I like.

Marxist Glue October 28, 2010

Marxist Glue Show: October 28th

Robbie Conal, Mear One, Skullphone, Mark of the Beast, Phanthom, Cryptik, Shark Toof, ABCNT, Zoltron, Political Gridlock, Yo!Peace, Nomade and Eddie with Live Screen Printing by Hit and Run Crew. This show should be epic. Hold Up Gallery 358 East 2nd Street Los Angeles, CA 90027 For More info: http://www.marxistglue.com

Art by Zoltron

Art by Zoltron

Some pretty compelling images from Zoltron. You can find more on their site http://www.zoltron.com