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RSSAll Entries Tagged With: "Street Art"

Michael Jackson Aluminum Can Sculpture on La Brea Ave by Dan Seaton Brown

Michael Jackson: King of Soda Pop

As part of the opening for the Michael Jackson Movie Showing at the Regent on La Brea, Artist Dan Seaton Brown created this amazing Aluminum Can Sculpture of Michael Jackson on La Brea Ave near Melrose.

Kh No 7

Champion: Street Art by KH No 7

KH No 7 going big and sparking up all over Los Angeles. I have always loved the spark plug iconography, there is so much tension at the tip.

Street Art from Fairfax Area

The Man: Large Paste from Fairfax Area

This great piece is in an ally near fairfax. It was so hot, the paste got wet again.

Domino Graffiti Tag

The Domino Effect

As I photographed street art all over Los Angeles, this Tag seems to appear EVERYWHERE.  I always find them in low key unassuming places. I also appreciate the variation in the tags. They each have different slightly different dots, and they also appear in differing set. Power of simplicity.

Street Art by La Barona in Culver City

I Will Be Famous: Street Art by La Barona and More

This beautiful piece is easy to miss in the Dunn Edwards Parking lot by La Barona.

Street Art Mural by Man One

Street Art Mural By Man One

This beautiful Mural only visible by alley was a real treat by Man One.

Street Art by Nomade in Downtown Los Angeles

The Wanderers: Interview with Street Artists Nomade

Like warriors in the night they roam the street, waiting for their moment to strike. The bond that fuses them is founded on a collective creative source, collaborative efforts and anonymity. The are wanderers, always ready to attack, but unlike the war machines and armies that plague our world, theirs is of a different kind […]

Street Art Peace Sign on Rusty Venice Beach Security Door

Rusted Peace: Street Art From Venice Beach

These small faint peace signs seem like they float on the rusted brown security door from Venice Beach.

"Cher", Street Art Hanging on Telephone Wire by Above

Up From Above: Street Art Hanging’s from Telephone Wires

These pieces seem to happen all at once in the hollywood area from Above, Septerhed and others. I have spotted other movie stars from Above like Uma Thurman as well.

Street Art Lindsay Lohan by Xvala

Lindsay Lohan Power Box Beverly and Robertson West Hollywood by Xvala

This Xvala piece was placed just a block from where Lindsay Lohan had her car accident in front of the paparazzi (pulling out of parking garage) and is also famous for shopping and eating on the same block. As of yesterday Lindsay Lohan has found new fame that centers on getting to go to jail […]