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JR Video

Time Lapse Video of Street Artist JR in Downtown Los Angeles

Check out this great time lapse video of JR working on a new piece on top of the “Poodle Parlor“, the warehouse where Banksy had his 2006 show by LA Freewalls Project.


The Explosive New Work by Artist Alexandro Farto a.k.a Vhils

New amazing work by Portuguese Artist Vhils. Vhils started off by peeling paper off billboards and street advertisements to create amazing images on the street. Then he evolved his craft to  to chipping away at concrete, and experimenting using acids . But now Vhils has  level by using explosives…amazing. There is no stopping this amazing […]

Free Humanity in Mexico: New Video New Print Released

Free Humanity in Mexico: New Video New Print Released

New Video From Free Humanity in his Adventures in Mexico. The Dirt Floor will be presenting more pics from his trip coming soon. He also just released a limited edition print of his new stencil release at

Kubik Building Facade Projection

Amazing Wall Projection by Kubik

Amazing video project on blank wall by Kubik

"When you grow up your heart dies" on Melrose Ave

When you grow up your heart dies

Seeing this next to this poor woman living on the street made me feel a bit sentimental and want to give her money. But upon approaching her she started yelling at me. Didn’t quite work out.

San Francisco Street Art

Street Art on the Corner of Haight and Laguna Streets San Francisco

Sent in from Steve Ballinger…groovy!

El Mac and Retna Mural Video

El Mac and Retna Mural Video

Enjoy this video about the creation of a mural by Retna,  El Mac and photographer Estevan Oriol for The Jonah Project, a church operating in a converted warehouse on 6th St. and Crocker Street.

Eddie Van Lennon: The Genius of Mighty Mike

Eddie Van Lennon: The Genius of Mighty Mike

This is true genius.

Banksy and the Simpsons

Banksy on the Simpsons

For those of you who may have missed this, Banksy created a introduction for the Simpsons. It actually pretty dark and I am impressed that the makers of the Simpsons agreed to air it.

Street Art by Army of One on Sunset Blvd

Army of One Appears in Video

Check on this new video with special guest star Army of One’s Grenade boy ( See it at 1:50 sec). The Army is in full march!!!