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Michael Jackson Going Green  Art

Michael Jackson Going Green Art

He inspired so many, in so many ways. source.

"The Waiting" by Gustav Klimt

“The Waiting” by Gustav Klimt

It’s incredible to think that this piece was created almost 100 years ago. Great art endures.

Banksy - Under a the American Flag

Banksy – Under a the American Flag

  Kind of a different look for Banksy in this black and white piece    

Yoko d'Holbachie, "Happy World"

Yoko d’Holbachie, “Happy World”

It’s like if candy owned the world, and something went wrong.    

The Art of Ray Caesar

The Art of Ray Caesar

Haunting illusions of remorse, youth, antiquity and origin. Ray Caesar taps into the chasm of longing.       source.


Between Worlds: Interview with Smear

SMEAR: “To make a smudge on; soil by smudging; A slanderous defamation;” There is an unknown force that kept drawing me into the world of Smear. Perhaps a fascination in his current legal woes for allegedly masterminding a quarter mile long tag on the Los Angeles River which estimated took 3 to 400 gallons of paint […]

Art by Alex De Spain

Altered States: Interview with Artist Alex DeSpain

Could you tell our audience a little bit about yourself? Sure! I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife, two dogs,and our cat. I just moved to the west coast from Texas on a whim. Most of my time is spent working on my drawings in my workspace while blasting music through my ipod. Finding […]

Northwestern Ladies, By Alex DeSpain

Art by Alex DeSpain

Bound only by his imagination and his skill as an artist is the beautiful work of Alex DeSpain.  Beautiful.

Art of Casey Howard

The Art of Casey Howard

Shark Toof at La Barracuda

Shark Toof at De La Barracuda on Melrose Ave

Mayday – The international definition for a distress call; a day of celebration or political demonstration. In this newest show by Los Angeles Artist Shark Toof, Mayday at De La Barracuda on Melrose Ave, the title is apropos. Shark Toof presents a visual celebration of human and political stories of adversity that ultimately surface as a […]