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Google My Wiki by Xvala

Google His Wiki – Interview with Artist Xvala

Tell me a little about XVALA and who he is? Everybody wants to be something they’re not. So I became XVALA. XVALA doesn’t mean anything, its just a way to have exclusivity. The Internet has killed that though. I’ve been XVALA for a while now. Since my first Google search. My Google use started with […]

Eddie Colla

Without Permission: Interview with Artist Eddie Colla

The work of Oakland based artist Eddie Colla is a powerful collection of expressions illustrating how individuals on both sides of the fence react to the constant threat of social and political desire for conformity. His multi layered visions of people in the throws of isolation, oppression and conformity are beautifully crafted in an assembly […]


Between Worlds: Interview with Smear

SMEAR: “To make a smudge on; soil by smudging; A slanderous defamation;” There is an unknown force that kept drawing me into the world of Smear. Perhaps a fascination in his current legal woes for allegedly masterminding a quarter mile long tag on the Los Angeles River which estimated took 3 to 400 gallons of paint […]

Street Art by Homo Riot

The Telling: Interview With Artist Homo Riot

With a  combination of powerful imagery, personal mission, and a unwillingness to be contained, artist Homo Riot has lit a fire on the streets of Los Angeles that can not be ignored. His unique vision has become a metaphor for the struggle of the gay and lesbian community at large, creative, persistent and destined. Part rockstar, […]

Street Art by Becca in Hollywood

Interview With Artist Becca: Including Never Before Published Photos From Her Collection

Since  the late 80’s artist becca has been taking her work to the street and pioneering a phenomena in Los Angeles that we now commonly know as “street art”.  Her vision  in seeing the potential of our urban landscapes as a endless canvas played an integral role in accelerating a movement that would change art […]

Alec in New York

New Monopoly Alec Video in New York

A new video by street artist Alec and his show, experiences and thoughts in New York.

KH No 7

Ignitions From the Unknown: Interview with Artist KH No 7

Tearing up the streets  KH No 7 brings a welcome energy  to the street with her iconic spark plugs and other works throughout the Los Angeles area. KH No 7 agreed to an interview but not only in words, but how she likes to best express visuals. Where did the name KH no. 7 come from? […]

Jose Fever: The Story of a Sticker and a Passion

Jose Fever: The Story of a Sticker and a Passion

The Jose stickers first caught my attention at the Peel Here 5 stickers. Beside the elegant yet impactful design, I was intrigued at seeing a sticker that honored a latino with style that was not a political icon. I then started noticing the stickers all over Los Angeles which inspired me to post the work. […]

Joey Krebs, The Phantom Street Artist

Disobedience: Joey Krebs The Phantom Street Artist

The following post is a guest commentary from artist Joey Krebs, the Phantom Street Artist. Many of you may be familiar with his artistic contributions with activist rock band Rage Against The Machine, including the cover of “Battle for Los Angeles” and providing creative direction for videos such as “Renegades of Funk” and “Bulls on […]

Photo by Insurgency Inc

Are you Gellin?: Interview with Insurgency Inc.

I am not sure if it was the well placed Tom Cruise or Lindsay Lohan stickers that lured me into their sailboat of inventions, or perhaps it was the wheat paste of snipers under the bridge that cast it’s trance on me that prompted further investigation. The journey led me down a path to a  group […]