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Street Art by French Artist JR in Downtown Los Angeles at the Brewery

New Street Art by JR at the Brewery in Downtown Los Angeles Artist District

There is no stopping JR he is taking over Los Angeles. This new piece is in downtown Los Angeles just south of 3rd and Alameda Ave. This wall as procured by the LA Free Walls Project. They have been instrumental in securing walls all over Los Angeles for great artist like JR.

Street Art by JR on the South Side of MOCA in Los Angeles

Street Artist JR New Works At MOCA in Los Angeles

Epic new works by JR in Downtown Los Angeles on the South Side of MOCA off Alameda. The work is just around the corner where the BLU work once was.

Pissing Dog by Banksy in Little Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills

New Pissing Dogs by Banksy in Los Angeles

Pissing Dog by Banksy in Little Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills making his urine rainbow marking his territory. He is taking on Los Angeles in full force. Thanks to melroseandfairfax for pics

Banksy Billboard on Sunset Blvd

New Banksy Billboard on Sunset Blvd Los Angeles: Living The Dream with Drunken Mickey and Minnie

This piece, Living the Dream” just popped up on Sunset Blvd of a drunken Mickey and Minnie. Banksy is all over Los Angeles.

Bansky Charlie Brown - Photo By Johanna Koldon

New Bansky in Los Angeles – Good Grief It’s Charlie Brown on Sunset Blvd

Special thanks to Joanna Koldony for the tip on this Banksy on Sunset Blvd. Charlie Brown with a gas can and a cigarette…is old Charlie and arsonist…see the video below.

New Banksy Machine Gun Child in West Los Angeles

Machine Gun Boy: New Banksy in Los Angeles

New work by Banksy just surfaced in Los Angeles of a a machine gun boy with flowers. Thanks to Melroseandfairfax for the pics. I am sure we are going to see more with the Oscars coming soon. dfdfd

"Love Me", Curtis Kullig Bomb Sonoma Building on La Brea Ave

Love Bombs La Brea

Curtis Kulig bombed the Sonora Cafe Wall. An interesting pattern I have observed is two walls he has hit in the past. The first being in an active wall in a alley  not far here. The wall is now dead. Then he bombed  the Beverly wall that was very active, including a Banksy piece and […]

Child in a Trap by Dogbyte on Beverly Blvd

Catch a Child by the Toe: Street Art by Dogbyte on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles

This new work by Dogbyte, perhaps a play on “Eenie meany miny moe…”, is a nice play agains Swift’s tiger that was previously there.  Dogbyte turns the tables and man becomes the prey.

Woman by Enik One in Downtown Los Angeles

Enik One: Street Art From Downtown Los Angeles

I was recently in Downtown Los Angeles and these paste were still wet with globs of glue on the ground. These are the works from Enik One, I appreciate the subtly, beauty and imagery of Enik One’s work. Note the Mexican flag colors juxtaposed onto the American one.  Dig it.

Kubik Building Facade Projection

Amazing Wall Projection by Kubik

Amazing video project on blank wall by Kubik