Cat Cult Gets Design Stolen?


Ten years ago, Inland Empire native Ian Campbell founded Cat Cult, an artist collective whose members paste pictures of screen-printed cat heads on sidewalks, traffic signal boxes and buildings throughout L.A. County. As a teen in his Pomona garage Campbell, now 33, started making likenesses of his moms cat on stickers. While he was studying at Art Center College of Design, the images evolved into numerous different breeds — from striped tabbies to Russian Blues — with diamond eyes and decked out in wizard caps, cowboy hats and vampire capes.See also: Battle on Beverly: What Happens When One L.A. Street Artist Takes Anothers Painting and Puts It Into His Own Creation?Cat Cult has a not-insubstantial fan base. Besides boasting thousands of Instagram followers, its art has been featured in gallery shows and sold on T-shirts and sweatshirts at retailers such as Fred Segal.Cat CultSomewhere along the way, it may also have attracted the attention of L.A. rap collective Odd Future. During the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony in the summer of 2011, Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator accepted an award for best new artist. He came to the stage in a tie-dyed T-shirt with a cat head printed on it, which looked quite a lot like Cat Cults Russian Blue design but was designed by Odd Futures own clothing company. Campbell, watching on television, was immediately bombarded with texts, emails and calls offering congratulations.”A bunch of people were stoked for me, but I was like, What are you talking about? ” remembers Campbell, who at the time had no idea who Odd Future were. “So I went online and checked it out, and [Tylers shirt] was exactly like the shirts I had made with my cat image.”Hodgy Beats On the New MellowHype Album, and Why He Dislikes ReportersIt isnt hard for a casual observer to see similarities between the two logos: cat heads removed from their bodies with bright eyes and a cartoonish presentation. An Art Center professor suggested Campbell consult the schools intellectual-property lawyer. She told him he had a case and helped him draft a cease-and-desist letter, in which he request…

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