Zoloft Effects On Brain

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Homo Riot: The Collab Event: Friday Nov 19th – Check it out

Homo Riot, Nov 19th 7-11 at Hold Up Gallery

Homo Riot, Nov 19th 7-11 at Hold Up Gallery


Hold Up Art presents Fist Pump: The Collab Event, a collection of collaborations
between Los Angeles-based activist and street artist Homo Riot and some of the best
known street artists and photographers working in Los Angeles. Homo Riot, whose
provocative art has been a part of the city’s urban landscape since the 2008 passage of
Proposition 8, will mark the closing of his solo show by exhibiting for the first time these
powerful and creative collaborative “mash-ups”.

The Collab Event explores the relationship between Homo Riot and his fellow artists
and their individual creative takes on his imagery. These thought provoking and
engaging pieces show that issues of marriage equality, human rights and the rejection
of homophobia are deeply felt and understood by this impressive group of active and
prolific artists.

“I’m honored to have this group of artists participating in these collaborations. It says
a lot about the depth and acceptance of them as individuals and the LA Street Art
community as a whole.“

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  1. My son studies New Media in Toronto, Canada and was talking about Homo Riot to me long time ago, so now it all makes sense. Thanks take care

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