Furosemide Side Effects Chills

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Saber Contributes Giant Flag To Occupy LA VIDEO

After his recent push to end the mural moratorium in LA, a new time lapse video documenting street artist Sabers Occupy LA artwork has been released. To assure a steady supply of protest paraphernalia, Saber created an enormous American flag scrawled with provocative slogans.Messages such as “Jobs.Jobs.Jobs. Made In China” and “The Supreme Court Is Bought” blanketthe image. The flag measures 32 by 16 feet and is comprised of 67 individual messages. The massive display lies on the lawn of city hall, adjacent to one of many protest encampments. Occupy LA has already established a standard of clever signage, of which Sabers addition is only the latest. Watch the time-lapse video of the process below.

via Saber Contributes Giant Flag To Occupy LA VIDEO.

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