Jim Carrey – Street Artist


The New Banksy?


The neighbors couldn’t help noticing Jim Carrey’s unusual behavior.

After acquiring an enormous, industrial workspace in New York’s tony West Village six or so months ago, the megabuck movie comedian began appearing around the neighborhood in paint-spattered cutoffs, keeping vampire’s hours, and toiling late into the night behind a giant roll-down garage door, aided by a small cadre of hipster studio assistants.

Then, one afternoon in early September, Carrey decided to take his work to the streets. Armed with several cans of vibrantly hued spray paint, the rubber-faced funnyman set to work creating a graffiti “tag” on his studio door—the stenciled silhouette of a wild-haired figure seated Indian style and levitating inside a sperm-shaped bubble accompanied by the cryptic initials “F.F.C.”

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via Jim Carrey, Artist: From Movies to Twitter to the Emma Stone Video – The Daily Beast.

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