Actos Vs Glucophage

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“This Looks a Bit like an Elephant” – New Banksy Piece on the Pacific Coast Highway

A fresh new Banksy on the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles, “This Looks a Bit Like an Elephant”. The piece is confirmed and welcome work in the street galleries of Los Angeles. Now the big question is will Banksy win the Oscar for his street art disaster movie, “Exit through the Gift Shop”?

"This looks a bit like a Elephant", New work by Banksy in Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast Highway

"This looks a bit like a Elephant", New work by Banksy in Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast Highway

"This looks a bit like a Elephant", New work by Banksy in Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast Highway

"This looks a bit like a Elephant", New work by Banksy in Los Angeles on the Pacific Coast Highway

New Banksy, "This Looks a Bit Like an Elephant"

New Banksy, "This Looks a Bit Like an Elephant"

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  1. THEFL says:

    choice spot… won’t get buffed for a while I hope…

  2. Babyface says:

    I wouldnt hold my breath over Banksy winning that Oscar, its a great film but hes up against some true masterpieces. Not to mention, the academy has become incredibly predictable over the past years.

  3. none says:

    that is considered an art piece?? dude writes some letters on the side of a water tank and its called art?! is everyone actually serious??

  4. ella says:

    i saw a huge crew around it yesterday attaching it to a crane… who knows what they were doing to it, but hopefully it survives!

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