Who is Alec Monopoly?: A Video

A new video from Alec where he talks about his art and street art in general. Great video and a big congratulations to him.

Alec: Who is Alec Monoply?

Alec: Who is Alec Monoply?

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  1. eye on the street says:

    What a diva. You didn’t invent the satire of the Monopoly guy. He was initially created as a satirical character for the Monopoly game, duh. What’s amazing is people really do love work with no content. Jack Nicholson, Bob Dylan, and Twiggy, are you serious? You should reference Thomas Kinkade instead of Warhol. Study the differences.

  2. Liam Rae says:

    Good Video interesting info.
    Monopoly Man on that news print is such a Great statement of our times.
    Cheers mate keep up the great work.
    Love that twiggy great art skills.
    Where can i buy one?

  3. Frank says:

    Wow I love this guys he has the best hair! His art work is almost as good as Mr. Brainwash and his execution is a brush stroke less than genius! How did he even come up with the Monopoly Man?!?!?!
    Oh yeah… just like eye on the street said, “He was initially created as a satirical character for the Monopoly game, duh.” And for fucks sake you actually think your any different from a vandal?!?! Your just scribbling half ass faces from a parker brothers board game! Go watch exit through the gift shop one more time….. fucking yo-yo

  4. Frank obviously still finger paints. Liam, I have seen Alec’s prints and canvas’ for sale at The Cobrashop, top floor of the Hollywood and Highland center.

  5. Oliver says:

    i think the mystery of alec and his shotty street art would have been left just that. sometimes explaining yourself when you have a half-assed excuse for doing something really just ruins what you have.
    favorite part of the video is him explaining how taggers are just destructive and out to “break shit”, and its shows his amazing marker scribble of mr. monopoly on an electrical box.
    good luck mr. alec

  6. Chris says:

    This is a joke right?

  7. please, no more says:

    This guy along with free humanity are perfect examples of why Los Angeles is not considered one of the better cities in the world to find examples of street art – despite the prolific amount of work done by other artists. Seriously, lets take a step back and think about this for just one second – you put up POSTERS – (shitty kinkos copies at that) – this by all means, should allow you as a medium to put thought and concecpt, and since aesthetics is the name of the game – technical ability into the work way before it even hits the streets – and instead we get these lame attempts at tabloid pages with celebrity pictures traced on them with absolutely no technical skill put up all over the city. Awesome.

    Hit man – I wish these guys were showing only indoors so I could keep my eyes free from the visual pollution they put up constantly instead of having this garbage smeared across the city. I could not LOVE DETHKILLS more then I do right now for crossing out and getting rid of this nonsense when possible. Just awful. Thanks for furthering damaging the reputation of L.A. street art with your freeing of humanity.

  8. Quality not Quantity says:

    I’m with please, no more……Took the words right out of my mouth. There are so many good street artists in Los Angeles, but when you look around, all you see is this Alec crap and his buddy Free Humaniteee. Seems like they share the need to paste childlike scribblings, and might even share a watercolor set.

    You guys are unskilled, unsophisticated, inexperienced, talentless HACKS.

    Quantity rarely equals quality and certainly not in Alec’s case. Please. Just. Stop.

  9. Liam Rae says:

    what other street artist are out there i have never seen any. Please, no more And Quality tell me.
    I love art and seeing art and it seems these 2 artist Alec & Free Humanity own all of L.A & Hollywood .
    I love their art work and it seems like they are the only artist that hand paint their art work.
    and who is this DETHKILLS never heard of him. is this person an artist or something?
    i live i hollywood and love seeing the colors of FREE HUMANITY & ALEC.
    and if they were hacks why are the so successful?
    Please respond

  10. Jamie says:

    Alec and Free Humanity’s work always cheers me up on my way to work every day please keep it up!

  11. frank says:

    Liam – having success…What success? Putting up some posters??? Cool… that doesn’t make you a successful artist or even an artist for that matter in my opinion.

    Fuck the new wave rip offs, these guys put in a little work for like a year and they think they are the fucking kings of LA!!! I have never heard someone talk so much shit on graffiti than try and catch tags?!?!?! Alec you want to go “all city” with your little twiggy face hit south central, hit east la, hit the freeway, hit trains, and hit the river. Gank was the last person to go all city in LA and you probably don’t even know who that is. Don’t try to latch on to things that you no nothing about.

  12. Pablo Perez says:

    Frank are there any street artist you currently like?

  13. frank says:

    Pablo as for people currently making “street art” (i hate that term) I like Swoon, Give Up, Faile, Revs, Futura, Joshua Allen Harris, Stay High 149, KR, Twist, Phil Frost, and for people in Los Angeles, Restitution Press, Retna, The Phantom, Kofie, Abcnt, Duce, Midzt, Branded, Robbie Conal, Fate, Skull Phone, Atlas, Eye One and Cat Cult.

    All of these artist have taken the time to refine the skills they have.
    They didn’t just pop up and think that people owe them respect.

  14. Pablo Perez says:

    Those are some great artist Frank and I appreciate your comments. And I agree about the word “street art”..lol. Sounds like a 80’s movie title.

  15. Monica says:

    Mad props to Alec Monopoly for making our cities interesting and full of art! Love the Jack piece! Can’t wait to see more!

  16. Liam Rae says:

    to Frank
    these 2 Guys Alec & FREE HUMANITY are the kings of L.A Right now
    NO ONE has more art up than them And NO one has ever hand painted their art like ALEC & FREE HUMANITY as far as their web site and face books go looks like they are having Crazy Success as artist just cuz u put something on the streets that may make it street art but its still just art.
    all those other artist are great too and don’t put art on the streets any more,
    and no one is saying you HAVE to respect these guys , but they are getting MAD Respect and doing big things all over the world, I don’t understand why Frank is so MAD at these 2 artist, it seems like some one a has a chip in their shoulder , SORRY FRANK but

  17. Michelle says:

    LOL!!!!!! “Kings of L.A.” wow…. *shakes head in disappointment*

  18. Alaman says:

    Kings of LA is right!… These dudes are owning the streets. That’s real art with a meaning.. Frank.. no offense man but you sound like a bitter, crusty old hater. Get with it dude… You sound so out of the loop. I’m a student at the New School in NYC and Alec’s work was actually a subject in my mass media and pop culture class! His work was actually included in my final. You know you’ve made an impression in art if you’re included in modern studies. Since learning of his work I’ve actually been a huge fan… He’s owning the streets of LA and NYC right now. Frank research your sh*t and know what you’re talking about BEFORE you talk.

  19. Frank says:

    To Liam:

    1.NO ONE has more art up than them And NO one has ever hand painted their art like ALEC & FREE HUMANITY

    They do get up but it doesnt mean they are kings. (This is all hype in a short amount of time. Ive never even heard of these 2 until about a year ago)
    ALSO Its not hand painted if a photocopier is involved. PERIOD!

    2.all those other artist are great too and don’t put art on the streets any more

    Ummm actually most of those artists are still active and have been putting in work for AT LEAST 5-10 years.

    3. Just cuz u put something on the streets that may make it street art but its still just art.

    I find this very funny that most people in the “street art” scene dont consider advertising posters to be art, but kinkos printed out poster are??? Whats the difference? So if kaws made a poster with a brand and put it up its not art but if he produced it himself it is art???? What about obey are his posters not art now because he has a clothing line? I see it all as marketing for whatever it is your trying to push; an artist, a name, a lifestyle, or a shoe. Same as catching a tag. Is tagging art or is it just getting up and pushing your name on people.

    3.it seems like some one a has a chip in their shoulder

    No I dont have a chip on my shoulder, Im just a born and raised LA guy that has seen the trends and is sick of bullshit “street art” and idiots like Alec. Vice versa I can say the same for you standing up for him.

    and Alaman… Im out of the loop huh? No, more like not buying into this bullshit cool guy hype. Your from nyc so dont talk about who the kings of LA are. These dudes know the bare min of what LA is about, you cant king LA if 90% of what you do is in west hollywood. Telling me to research my shit. I dont care if Alec was on your test. They wrote a whole book that millions of people study daily about jesus and I dont believe that guy was a king either.

    and to Alec (im sure you read this board) if your going to TRY to catch tags dont talk shit on tagging that is just plain dumb

  20. Chuck Norris says:

    2 !eye on the street!
    bite it you scum

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