Conor Harrington Piece From Venice Beach Work Taken

The saga continues.

World renown street artist Conor Harrington did piece a great piece in early on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach in synch with his Lazarides show. Soon thereafter a small stencil and a tag were added just off to the corner. Then in late June Run-amok added a giant face, essentially changing the spirit of the piece in whole. Conor Harrington comments about it in his blog.

I just recently saw that now a piece of the mural has been removed from the mural and taken. Street art giveth and street art taketh away.

The Before:

The Original

And After:

Conor Harrington Piece Today with Removed Section

Conor Harrington Piece Today with Removed Section

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  2. […] note, the Johnny face went up in Venice and covered the tattered remnants of the once beautiful Conor Harrington piece that once was.. Johnny Face on Abbot Kinney, Venice Beach Septerhed on Beverly Blvd […]

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