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Sex in the Street: Art by Zhe155

Zhe155 China Girl Stencil Black on Yellow

Zhe155 China Girl Stencil Black on Yellow

Zhe155, UK artist, artwork is a melting pot of sexuality, discipline and street culture at it’s highest form. His masterful stencils and sexually energy are a gift to decaying streets throughout the world, transforming them into public galleries of truth.

He is gifted in his ability to see beauty and recognize environments as canvases or backdrops for his work, bringing the dull or mundane to life with brilliant placements, color and seduction. He makes freeway underpasses sexy.

Zhe155 does what good art does, he redefines.  He is a street alchemist, turning the perceived ugliness and unworthiness, into the beautiful and worthy.

When and what got you into street art?
I got into street art about 15-20 years ago writing graffiti i used 2 sk8 & there would alwayz be bitz of graff in the placez i used 2 hangout at so i just got involved when i could score any paint!

A lot of your work incorporates stencils, what motivated you to use this medium?
After being a graff writer on & off 4a few yearz i felt my work wasnt az good az i wanted it 2b & was finding it hard 2 find any decent wallz 2 put up on.I had used stencils in my work b4 & just found myself cutting more stencilz & painting less graff! I also found i was getting a lot more work out on the streetz & finding more placez that would sit well with my style of work.

Is there an overarching meaning, theme, or inspiration to your work?
yeh i guess u tell the theme behind my work, my girlfriend or any other pretty Chinese or Asian girlz!!!!

If you could have a 30 seconds of air time and the whole world was watching, what would you want to say or do?
If i had 30secondz of air time i would proberly ask any 1 listening 2me 2 go paint or stick sumfing 2the next wall they walk pass & also 2 buy me a beer while there at it, then a few hourz later i could walk around drunk looking at every1z work on the streetz!?

Who are your favorite artist?
Favorite artist; ALIAS, MISS-TIC, TIAN, so many more cant name them all!!

What is your most memorable incident when creating one of your street pieces?
Most memorable incident, best i don’t say!

What do you find the most challenging about being an artist in this day and age?
most challenging thing….money 4 materialz,keeping studio warm in winter, not getting drunk, not getting nicked, not getting buffed or overwritten.

Is there any last thing that you haven’t had an opportunity to say?
peace 2all streetartists!!!!!!!!!!

For more of Zhe155′s work see his Flickr photostream

Zhe155 China Girl Stencil Street Art by Freeway Underpass

Zhe155 China Girl Stencil Street Art by Freeway Underpass

Zhe155 China Girl Stencil Snow on Red

Zhe155 China Girl Stencil Snow on Red

Zhe155 China Girl Stencil on Silver Box

Zhe155 China Girl Stencil Island Crete

Zhe155 China Girl Stencil Island Crete

Zhe155 China Girl 4 layer stencil side of house

Zhe155 China Girl 4 layer stencil

Zhe155 China Girl Stencil on Silver Box with Pink

Zhe155 China Girl Stencil on Silver Box with Pink

Zhe155 Graffiti Without Borders Project

Zhe155 Street Art Without Borders Project

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  1. Sabina Keller says:

    I love these pieces they are so cool. Great post!

  2. brandi says:

    very cool:)

  3. Art Jabber says:

    The male gaze strikes again. “Exotic Females,” for sale, parading puppets, giving guys a tented trousers…. lovely. But, where is the art in that? Do these models know that they are posted on street walls like hookers straggling through the night? These are images of very well-fed, high-end, chicks. If you look on the streets for walkers you will see people half-dead with pain and abuse, not sexy fashionably coifed young ladies. I love the beautiful as much as anybody but I refuse to say that this work is without its political context, which is patriarchal and, ultimately, tragic.

  4. Pablo Perez says:

    Wow Jabber…it’s great to hear your perspective on this one…you need to come write for us! I love hearing the different opinions…keep them coming!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Hello, I like your site and think you cover some very interesting articles, I’ll be sure to add you to my favourites. Many Thanks,Rebecca

  6. Pablo Perez says:

    Thanks Rebecca..hope to see you back soon

  7. Art jabber what the **** are you on about
    are you tripping? Z’s pieces are dope they’re
    they’re sexy girls from asia! whats wrong with that? maybe you should put some pieces up of some real girls eating burgers, doing smack,falling over drunk??? p.s what is the link to your photostream wouldnt mind having a look at your work? Steve Unknown….

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