Viagra And Sotalol

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Do Something Different

Everyone claims they are individuals. They are open minded and are receptive to new ideas. But the reality is that that for most people this is untrue. I have found that people usually have a very difficult time accepting new ideas. History has proven this over and over again.

The reason for this is that We are our ideas. We are an accumulation of everything we learned. When what we have learned is true is put to the test, it threatens who we are. We are raised, educated and taught to believe in certain truths. These truths are important so that we can function as society, otherwise we would have total chaos. But what if functioning is not enough anymore, what if you truly are looking for a new paradigm shift, how can one achieve this…this is a difficult question. It means giving up what you believe in.

Difference requires risk. It requires us to step out from our comfort zones. This is why many artist are in the constant state of insecurity, or overcompensating with arrogance. The true artist has nothing to hold on to, they do not have convention or society to fall back on. There is no map or sense of direction. It puts the individual in a vulnerable position. It puts us in a position for society to ridicule, judge and mock. Today I salute the individuals..they are the brave. They are the heros of our world

What will you do different today?

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